A growing interest on Quantum

A growing interest on Quantum

We are witnessing increasing efforts and investments on innovation activities about quantum technologies and services. Notable examples of industries include: Microsoft, IBM, HP, Toshiba, Google, Intel, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, but also several Network Operators.
According to a new report from McKinsey & Partners, in partnership with the Viva Technology show, that quantum technologies will have a global market value of $1 trillion by 2035 [1]. The Journal Nature recently published [2] an overview about published patents on quantum methods and systems and the development of start-ups. Data and information have been extracted from various market-research websites and consultancy reports.


Figure A - Analysis of patents on quantum technologies since 2012


Figura B - Infographics about companies on quantum technologies

Also, public and governative sectors are announcing investments. European Commission has launched a €1 billion Flagship Initiative in Quantum Technology, starting in 2018 within the European H2020 research and innovation framework programme [3], [4]. U.S. Government has enacted legislation to coordinate and accelerate U.S. quantum research and development [5].
China has announced plans to spend more than $10 billion to build a national laboratory for quantum science, to open in 2020 [6].  Japan will aim to develop full-fledged quantum computers for a broad range of uses by around 2039: industry, academia and government are expected to join forces on the effort, which promises to yield innovations in fields like manufacturing and financial services. [7]


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