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Infrastrutture Wireless Italiane S.p.A.(INWIT) is an electronic communications operator, specializing in infrastructures hosting equipment for radio transmission, telecommunications and TV and radio signal broadcasting.

 It was founded in 2015, with the spin-off of all Telecom Italia’s (TIM’s) activities and operations for the implementation and management of passive infrastructures sites, generally comprised of civil structures (such as towers, pylons and poles) and technological systems, hosting the transceiver equipment owned by TIM itself and other customers.n March 2020, following the merger of Vodafone Italy’s Towers into INWIT, the new INWIT becomes Italy’s largest tower operator and  Europe’s second largest listed tower company with over 22,000 towers.

It will focus on maximising tower utilisation whilst also supporting the deployment of TIM and Vodafone Italy’s respective 5G networks.

Its offering includes:

  • integrated hosting services: infrastructures to create wireless networks, pylons, antennas, cabling, spaces necessary to host electronic equipment, technological systems to ensure power supply, etc,...
  • indoor and outdoor coverage with microcells and DAS (distributed antenna system) for railway stations, hospitals, airports, highways, shopping centers, stadiums, entertainment halls,…
  • management and maintenance services:  access and site security monitoring systems, 24-hour remote supervision, corrective, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance etc.
  • fiber optic connections between transmission sites (Tower or DAS) to increase their capability (backhauling)
  •   development of new sites.

INWIT's offer meets the requirements of different types of electronic communications network operators, namely:

  • radiomobile telephone operators
  • licensed operators for radio transmission services using other technologies (e.g. point-to-point and point-to-multipoint PDH and/or SDH, WiMax)
  • radio and TV broadcasters (e.g. technologies in DVB-T standard)
  • institutions, public administration, armed forces, etc., for the creation of private networks.

Thanks to a capillary and high quality infrastructure it can quickly meet the coverage requirements of a specific area, as well as the transmission capacity requirements of (tele)communications operators. 

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