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Sparkle is TIM Group’s fully owned Global Operator, first international service provider in Italy and among the top ten worldwide.

Its backbone of more than 600,000 km spans from Europe to Africa, the Americas and Asia.

Leveraging its global IP, Data, Cloud, Data Center, Mobile Data and Voice Platforms, Sparkle offers a full range of ICT solutions to Internet Service Providers, OTTs, Media and Content Players, Application Service Providers, Fixed and Mobile operators as well as Multinational Enterprises.

Its sales force is active worldwide and distributed over 34 countries.

Recently Sparkle announced the investment for the realization of BlueMed, a submarine multi-fiber cable linking Palermo with Genoa. The new cable will cross the Tyrrhenian Sea connecting Sparkle’s Sicily Hub open data center in Palermo, which serves eighteen international cables, with Genoa’s new open landing station, directly connected to Milan’s rich digital ecosystem. BlueMed will also include multiple branches within the Tyrrhenian Sea and is set to support further extensions southbound of Sicily.

Moreover, abroad Sparkle is further investing in the enhancement of its American backbone boosting its Pacific routes with a new fiber pair on Curie submarine cable system connecting Chile to US. The Google-owned subsea cable Curie is the first direct new generation US-Chile cable connecting Los Angeles to Valparaiso. Sparkle’s new fiber pair on Curie will be fully integrated with Sparkle’s global backbone, increasing redundancy and offering a fourth diversified route to directly connect South and North America, complementing its 2017 addition of the Seabras-1 cable in the Atlantic.

Discover and surf Sparkle’s Global Backbone.

Solutions for Carriers and Service Provider

A complete range of Data and IP services, advanced  Cloud and Data Cloud center solutions and Voice services, aimed at TLC operators and Service Providers.

Through a highly reliable “state-of-the-art” proprietary IP backbone with global and widespread coverage, advanced Data and IP solutions are proposed which allow Operators to expand or consolidate their network coverage and to provide their clients with a secure international IP connection, connection directly reaching any content on the Global Internet.

Integrated data and voice solutions are also provided for the needs of the corporate customers of partner operators.

Furthermore, thanks to a high number of interconnections with other operators worldwide, excellent routing solutions and network reliability for managing international voice traffic are ensured as well competitive prices.

A proprietary and advanced global IP backbone which makes it possible to offer a vast range of innovative mobile and MPLS solutions aimed to Service Providers with added value, in addition to traditional connectivity services.

Solutions for mobile operators

In addition to the traditional services of ITU/ANSI and GRX conversion, the offer also includes advanced services such as SMS and MMS hubbing and added value services such as anti-fraud and anti-spam. 

The international Roaming Hub services represent an opportunity to rapidly expand and consolidate international roaming services without the need to negotiate and manage a multitude of bilateral roaming agreements. Full support of 4G roaming is also offered via LTE/Diameter service.

Thanks to these innovative services Mobile Operators are able to provide roaming services with mobile telephony operators throughout the world including many functionalities with added value.

Solutions for Corporate Customers

Sparkle’s global presence allows to offer complete and innovative solutions that integrate connectivity offer with advanced ICT services, including Data Center, Cloud and security, together with vertical solutions for the financial, medical and media segments.

Sparkle’s service portfolio is directly aimed at Corporate Clients as well as at TLC Operators, Service Providers and System Integrators who wish to globally expand their offer of innovative and customized solutions for business segment.

Sparkle's presence

86 cities in 44 countries

159 Point of Presence (PoP)
more than 1,000 PoP in partnership

The network

41,000 km/fibre

Pan European Backbone 

18,000 km/fibre

Italian network

58,500 km

Americas Backbone

11,000 km

Mediterranean Backbone

more than 433,000 km

submarine cables  (includes lease)

53,000 km

other fibre network (includes lease)

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