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TIM and LGBT+ people: the road to inclusion

Our presence at the Pride events, our collaboration with Parks, Valentina' story , LGBT+ wife and mother. Read more

Living in the cloud with TIM

Cloud computing allows anyone to access maximum potential in processing power, paving the way for endless applications. Read More

TIM for business

Our business portfolio includes turnkey solutions that cater to the broadest range of small and medium enterprises needs and an advanced cloud computing platform to allow enterprises to virtualize IT infrastructure and applications.

TIM BUSINESS offer is based on the different needs of Italy’s diversified entrepreneurial sector, to provide advanced, modular and tailored solutions:

  • convergent fixed and mobile princing plans,
  • IP communication,
  • high-speed connectivity, a wide range of applications such as data management and storage, security, video-surveillance and management of power consumption;
  • an advanced cloud computing platform that allows virtualization of  IT infrastructure and applications.

TIM Digital Store is a digital marketplace for small and medium-sized companies to find, buy and manage the most advanced IT solutions quickly and easily.

Services include Digital Invoicing, a reality that both government and business must now embrace, as well as secure digital signatures, providing a new way to sign documents using a smartphone instead of the usual devices such as smart cards or tokens.


Our partnership with Google Cloud

In March 2020  we and Google Cloud signed an agreement to work together to build innovative Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud services for TIM’s expanding technology services portfolio. 

We confirm our own planned investments in innovation and the creation of new, modern Data Centers, as well as the development of new cloud-related competencies, also through new hires and an extensive training plan involving 6,000 people in the commercial, pre-sales and technical areas.

“This strategic partnership with Google places TIM among the Italian key players in Cloud and Edge computing, two markets that will become more and more central with the deployment of 5G technology and Artificial Intelligence. By choosing to join forces with a recognised global technological and innovation leader we confirm our commitment to promote and accompany Italy’s digital progress.„

Luigi Gubitosi, TIM CEO

11% market share

on business customers

The leading Cloud player in Italy

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