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A set of initiatives to improve the environmental efficiency of our products, from the use of sustainable materials to the reduction of energy consumption. Read more

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TIM and LGBT+ people: the road to inclusion

Our presence at the Pride events, our collaboration with Parks, Valentina' story , LGBT+ wife and mother. Read more

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Cloud computing allows anyone to access maximum potential in processing power, paving the way for endless applications. Read More

TIM for consumers

Our offers are convergent and scalable according to customers' needs, and are available on easy to access and multi-device platforms.

Flexible packages both landline and mobile voice and data services, connectivity and premium digital entertainment contents for video, music and gaming, combined with smartphones and tablets. Convergent bundles such as TIM UNICA: fixed and mobile connectivity, entertainment and smart services.

For environment-friendly customers: TIM Green, a line of Eco-friendly  products and services – such as refurbished smartphones and entirely biodegradable packaging - constantly expanding .

For people under 30: TIM YOUNG, a  mix of internet, voice calls and text messages as well as music, fashion, cinema and, joining the community, games and much more. 

UltraBroadband connectivity: our  internet connection offers are based on new generation networks, optical fiber for the fixed network, LTE (4G) and LTE Advanced (4G plus), 5G  for the mobile one. Services on 4.5G netwok are already avalilable in 12 cities. 5G commercial services are available in 10 cities, including Rome, Naples, Turin, Milan, Florence and Genoa.   

The new generation infrastructure achieves excellent performances in navigation speed and quality which completely change the browsing experience and fruition of digital contents!

The digital content offer is rich and includes movies, music and games, and thanks to major partnerships can provide a wide range of premium contents: TIMGAMES, a platform for playing on your home TV with an offer of over 130 games; TIMMUSIC,  dedicated to digital music with a library of more than 25 million tracks.

TV video content is a particularly vibrant area. Thanks to important agreements TIMVISION has become the most complete TV platform on the Italian market, bringing together the best entertainment and sports content of the main global players, such as Disney, Netflix, SKY, Dazn, Amazon. Recently it has also become the exclusive Disney+ distribution platform in Italy.  

Our numbers in the first half 2020

30,2 million

mobile lines, of which 12,9 million are broadband or ultrabroadband lines



16,8 million

total accesses to the fixed network, of which 8,1 million are retail BB and UBB accesses.  

8,2 million

retail + wholesale fiber lines

1.98 million

TIMVISION's customers


Our caring

Nowadays on the TIM website you can do many things, in a simple and innovative way: you can switch to TIM from another Operator or activate a new line, top up your mobile phone, activate options and services, change your pricing plan or purchase Smartphones, Tablets, USB keys and other products, even at promotional prices. 

Assistance and MyTIM are sections of the website where you can control and manage you landline services and mobile services, and interacting from both PCs as well as Tablets.

As far the assistance is concerned, alongside the webe channels, self-caring channels are provided such as Apps that can be used on Smartphones, and Social Caring pages active on Facebook and Twitter.

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Interview with Andrea Fabiano, VP Multimedia, TIM.

TIM Green

A line of Eco-friendly products and services