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TIM is the leading group in Italy and Brazil in the ICT sector. It develops fixed, mobile and cloud infrastructures and data centres and offers services and products for communications and entertainment, placing itself at the forefront of digital technologies.

The Group uses specialised factories that offer integrated digital solutions for citizens, businesses and public administrations, also in partnership with groups of primary importance: Noovle is TIM's cloud company, Olivetti is the digital hub with a focus on the development of solutions for the Internet of Things, Telsy operates in the cybersecurity sector and Sparkle creates and provides infrastructure and international services. In Brazil, TIM Brasil is one of the main players in the South American communications market and leader in 4G coverage.

The Group has made environmental protection and social inclusion objectives its own in developing its business with the aim of achieving a tangible and relevant impact and becoming carbon neutral in 2030The Operazione Risorgimento Digitale project - the first school with free courses on Internet - will result in the dissemination of digital skills useful for the development of the country, while Fondazione TIM supports projects with high social interest.

Key numbers at June 30, 2021

TIM customers in Italy

30.3 million

mobile lines, of which 12.9 million are BB or UBB users broadband 

16.6 million

fixed total accesses, of which 7.8 million are BB or UBB retail accesses.
9.4 million
 retail+wholesale ultrabroadband lines  


TIM Brasil customers

51.3 million

mobile lines


Key data

1,568 million euros


7,567 million euros


3,217 million euros

Organic EBITDA 

17,415 million euros

Adjusted Net Financial Debt - After Lease  (18,594 million euros  at December 31, 2020)

52,404 employees

of which 42,910 in Italy

Beyond connectivity

2021-2023 Plan update

Our UBB network

A mix of different technologies

TIM Brasil

Among the main players and 4G leader