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Reference legislation


This page contains the following Market abuse relavant rules:

  1. Inside information and insider dealing procedure
  2. Extract of Consolidated Law on Finance form artt. 114 to 115 bis and from artt. 180 to 187 decies
  3. Extract of Issuers' Regulation from artt. 152 bis to 152 quinquies
  4. Regulation EU n. 596/2014
  5. Commission implementing regulation EU n. 347/2016
  6. Commission delegated regulation EU n. 522/2016
  7. Regulation EU 2016/1011
  8. TIM Principles of Corporate Governance
  9. Corrigendum to Regulation (EU) No 596/2014
  10. Commission Implementing regulation EU n. 523/2016


Consult and download the rules

Inside information

148 KB

Extract of Consolidated Law

557 KB

Issuers' Regulation

295 KB

Regulation UE 596/2014

1131 KB

Commission implementing ...

1131 KB

Commission delegated...

415 KB

Regulation UE 2016/2011

807 KB

Principles of Corporate ...

93 KB

Corrigendum to regulation...

305 KB

Commission implementing ...

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