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Full Year 2007 Financial Results

03/06/2008 - 08:45 PM

On Thursday, March 6, 2008 the Telecom Italia Board of Directors analyzed and approved the Group and Parent company’s FY 2007 accounts.

  • Revenues: 31,290 million euro (in line with 2006); -1.3% organic variation (+0.1% net of contractual changes linked to non-geographical numbers)
  • Ebitda: 11,617 million euro (-1,233 million euro or -9.6% from 2006), impacted by non-recurring or non-organic charges of approximately 800 million euro; -5.5% organic variation
  • Net profit: 2,448 million euro; -566 million euro or -18.8% from 2006
  • Net financial debt on 31 December 2007 was 35,701 million euro (-1,600 million euro from 31 December 2006) thanks to net operating cash flow (9,309 million euro), proceeds from the sale of equity holdings and other disposals (1,277 million euro), which offset dividend payments (2,831 million euro) and industrial and financial investments (6,155 million euro); since 30 September 2007, when net financial debt was 37,443 million euro, it has decreased by 1,742 million euro
  • Proposed dividend distribution 0.08 euro per ordinary share and 0.091 euro per savings share.