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From 2009 the Sustainability Report of TIM is prepared in accordance with the AA1000 AccountAbility Principles Standard (APS) 2008, that is:

inclusiveness: identifying the stakeholders and their expectations, and developing engagement strategies aimed in order to improve the Company’s sustainability performance;

materiality: identifying the important (material) issues both for the Company and its stakeholders;

responsiveness: the Company ability to consider and respond to the expectations of the stakeholders in order to maximize their satisfaction.

Since 1999, our Sustainability Reports are voluntarily submitted to the opinion of external auditors.

The 2020 Sustainability Report, compliant with the obligations established by the Italian Legislative Decree 254/2016 concerning the disclosure of non-financial information, is submitted to a limited assurance by an independent company, Ernst & Young SpA (EY), also in charge of auditing the Group's Annual Financial Report.

The work within the audit process was performed in accordance with the principles ISAE 3000 revised and, as a result, with the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants, based on fundamental principles of integrity, objectivity, professional competence and diligence, confidentiality and professional behavior.

The work of the auditors focused in particular on:

  • analysis of the relevant matter in relation to the activities and characteristics of the Group reported in the NFS, in order to assess the reasonableness of the selection process applied in accordance with the provisions of article 3 of the Decree and considering the reporting standard applied,
  • analysis and evaluation of the criteria for identifying the consolidated area,
  • comparison of the economic and financial data and information included in the NFS with those included in the TIM’s Group consolidated financial statement,
  • undestanding of the following aspects:
    - Group’s management and organization business model, with reference to the management of the matters indicated in the article 3 of the Decree,
    - Policies adopted by the Group related to the matters indicated in the article 3 of the Decree, results achieved and related key performance indicators,
    - Main risks, generated or suffered related to the matters indicated in the article 3 of the Decree.
  • undestanding of the processes that leads to the generation, detection and management of significant qualitative and quantitative information included in the NFS.

For the audit activities, interviews and discussions were carried out with the staff of the Management of  TIM S.p.A, Noovle S.p.A., TIM Retail S.r.l. e TIM S.A., in order to collect information and acquire documentary evidence about the processes and the procedures that support the collection and processing of non-financial information.


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