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Human rights are universal and inalienable rights, recognized to every human being as such. They are the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world. Respecting such rights is therefore an essential requirement, to which we want to contribute, aware that our activities can play a strategic role in guaranteeing geographical and social digital inclusion, in particular for the most vulnerable, the right to privacy and the protection of personal data, the right to freedom of expression, in particular online, child protection from adult content and gambling, from cyber-bullying and harassment.

To demonstrate our concrete commitment, in 2015 we established a human rights policy, which constitutes a link between our Code of Ethics and the Group's operating procedures. It applies to the entire value chain of TIM, that is, not only TIM's people, but also suppliers, business partners and our customers, especially vulnerable categories.

We also believe that it is essential to spread knowledge of this issue: for this reason we have created an information and training course, available online for our people and for the general public. A sort of exploratory journey in seven stages that allows you to learn what you can do when you suffer or witness a violation of human rights.

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