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Environmental management system

What is an environmental management system?

An environmental management system (EMS) is a management tool that permeates all business operations; it is based on a Policy issued and endorsed by the Top Management that is deployed through company operations at all levels. More specifically, by implementing an EMS, we aim:

  • to ensure compliance with all national legal environmental requirements taking also into account all different regulatory contexts (regions, provinces and municipalities);
  • to monitor the environmental performance referred to the various activities that generate impacts by seeking continuous improvement with respect to predefined targets;
  • to prevent any environmental emergency and mitigate any possible adverse effects.

Among the other ISO 14001 requirements, essential elements of the Environmental Management System are:

the commitment of the Top Management to operate in line with and to guarantee the achievement of the objectives defined by the System;
 the Environmental Management System Manual;
 system procedures covering environmental processes: such operating procedures describe how processes should be managed and define roles and responsibilities thus ensuring the operational control of the processes/activities/ facilities related to significant environmental aspects, as well as regulatory compliance;
the environmental analysis report that summarizes and contextualizes activities, data and information about environmental issues of greatest importance in terms of stocks, consumption, accidents/ emergencies, reports/complaints from interested parties.

    In order to guarantee the effective implementation of the Environmental Management System, we have developed a set of tools with the aim:

  • to maintain and update the computerized database of all applicable environmental legislation;
  • to record and manage all reports of environmental problems received from outside the company (i.e. from citizens, local administrations, etc.),
    to record all environmental impact data;
  • to store and update all environmental documents (both available on paper and in digital format);
  • to communicate to the relevant authorities all the data required by current regulations on the management and disposal of wastes.

TIM's environmental management systems

The TIM Group obtained the ISO 14001 Environmental Certification of many operations and processes which exhibit environmental impacts.

Within TIM SpA (domestic telecommunications operations) all the units that run business processes which have significant environmental impacts are certified; in particular:

Technology - the certification covers: research and innovation, design, installation, management of realization, operation, maintenance of and support to fixed and mobile telecommunications infrastructures and services;
Open Access - the certification covers: design, realization and operation of access network infrastructures. Activation and maintenance of products to be connected to and services to be delivered through the fixed telecommunications network.

Other Group's companies that have a certified EMS in place are the following:

TIM Information technology - the certification covers: study, design, development, integration, operation and maintenance of IT applications, platforms, infrastructures and services, including virtual and cloud environments; in 2017 these activities have been incorporated in TIM SpA;
Olivetti - the certification covers: design and commercialization of business products and services for retail sales, SMEs and large enterprises, ensuring proper and effective management of the environmental aspects of processes, activities  and services developed in the directional, commercial and R&D offices;
Sparkle – the certification covers: design, realization and commercialization of international telecommunications services, and support to customers;
TIM Brasil – the certification covers operation and management of the mobile telephone network (States of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Espirito Santo).

Details concerning each of our certified environmental management systems are described at the link "TIM group certifications" on this page.