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ESG vision

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Ethical principles

The TIM Group operates in compliance with the law,  applicable regulations and, more generally, with universally accepted ethical principles, basing its internal and external activities on respect for the Values of the Code of Ethics and Conduct, considered as a founding component of the organizational model and the internal control and risk management system.

All Group companies are strictly bound to comply with and adopt the Values contained in the Code of Ethics.

TIM’s acting ethically is regulated by a series of policies, among others Human Rights Policy, which, together with procedures, regulations and internal instructions, ensure that the behaviour of Group Companies and all addressees complies with the code’s Values.

On the topic of business ethics - from human rights to working standards, from environmental protection to the fight against corruption - the Group participates in a number of national and international organizations by undersigning numerous environmental and social commitments. Since 2002 it has been a member of Global Compact, the global pact promoted by the UN, proposed by Kofi Annam to support these issues throughout the world.

Furthermore, TIM also ensures a channel for reports of any event which may violate the Values and/or the Guidelines of Conduct contained in the Code of Ethics and/or the behavioural principles set out in the Human Rights Policy. All reports are taken into consideration, analysed and dealt with.   

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct

The Code of Ethics and Conduct represents a fundamental component of the organisational model and is the apex of the entire corporate governance system. It sets out the Values and Guidelines of Conduct to which the TIM Group chooses to conform its actions, in the belief that following a shared ethical vision during our daily business activities is an essential prerequisite to responsible and sustainable growth. 

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Antitrust Code of Conduct

Aimed at all TIM personnel (top management, executives, employees), the Antitrust Code of Conduct illustrates the contents of the legislation protecting competition in a simple and accessible way and provides a practical guide on the kinds of behaviour to adopt when faced with specific situations that could be a cause of potential antitrust violations.

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Policy on human rights

Our commitment on respecting Human Rights dates back to many years ago. In 2015 we also adopted a policy, the purpose of which is embedding the Human Rights in Telecom Italia’s operations

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