Our ESG vision

ESG vision

We believe that digital transformation is the key to the social and economic development of our Country and to the protection of our territory. Read more

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Evaluating our impact

TIM Shared Value: what it is

The Shared Value Model developed by TIM is a model which allows us to determine the value, in successive stages and using qualitative and quantitative parameters, of the social impacts which the relevant business has on the relevant community and local area. The soundness of the Model has been certified by a third party organisation: PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), which granted Validation to this Measurement Model in 2016.


To integrate social responsibility with business activities, thus making the most of it as an opportunity to create value not only for society, but also for the business itself, and show how sustainability can achieve economic results for the company and help the community in terms of social value and the protection of natural resources.

Measured activities and projects

Digitization of the Country, Employment Impact, TIM Ventures are some of the activities and projects that TIM has taken into consideration to measure their value in terms of business and social impact through the TIM Shared Value Model.