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ESG vision

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People empowerment

Enhancing people for the success of our company: this is the key concept underlying all human resource management activities at TIM.
Having people who are satisfied, engaged in the strategy, passionate about their work, involved in the life and results of the company, who feel valued and used to the best of their potential and skills becomes a winning card in addressing the challenges of the digital era.  
To meet the challenge of the future and address the evolution in the TLC sector, TIM needs people who are capable of achieving results quickly and interpreting a model characterised by continuous learning, operational and methodological flexibility and an innovative approach to problem solving.

A few figures for 2021

Our people as of 31/12/2021


Women in the TIM Group: 38%

20% female executives in the group (out of the total number of executives)

43% newly hired women (out of total new hires at Group level) 

Our people as of 31/12/2021


the number of our people

In Italy and abroad

82% - the percentage of TIM people who work in Italy
18% - the percentage of TIM people who work abroad

We consider the people who work at TIM to be an asset made up of expertise, motivations, potential, knowledge and experience.
Diversity of gender, religion, ethnicity and sexual orientation represents an asset to be enhanced.

The company has many initiatives to develop new skills and train people and to protect their health and safety in the workplace.
There are also numerous initiatives that focus on welfare, as we are convinced that achieving a work-life balance is key in order to stay calm and perform well at work.

Our Human Resources strategy is strongly centred around the “care” of people and focuses on these three key points:

  • Safety Management System
  • Equity and inclusion
  • Professional retraining


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