Our ESG vision

ESG vision

We believe that digital transformation is the key to the social and economic development of our Country and to the protection of our territory. Read more

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Smartworking and training

Innovate the way we work to bring out the talent of our people, improve work-life balance and increase our efficiency.
This is the goal that drives the evolution of the TIM group organization.

Smartworking and agile approach

Smartworking and an agile approach have become part of our daily routine, a way of working that, by increasing flexibility and the sharing of ideas, stimulates productivity and creativity. Our offices are also changing, featuring increasingly fluid and flexible spaces, thanks to desk sharing and coworking. A transformation that contributes to reducing our environmental footprint: thanks to less moving from place to place and less energy consumption, but also less materials and therefore waste in offices, we reduce harmful gas emissions. And at the same time we contribute to the development of the circular economy by giving new life to furniture and computer equipment that are no longer suited to our needs but can give  practical support to those most in need.

Continuous training

Working at TIM also means continuous training because the industry in which we operate and the rapid evolution of digital technologies always offer us new stimuli. TIM Academy is our corporate university with physical offices in Italy and an online platform that offers tailored training opportunities on specific skills and knowledge but also on sustainability issues.

To remain competitive in a rapidly changing market, we have activated programmes dedicated to new hires (recent graduates, professionals and managers) to accelerate the "time to perform", as well as encourage engagement and loyalty. And since we believe that there is a deep and positive relationship between valuing diversity and corporate performance, we strive to be an increasingly inclusive company, take care of our people and foster dialogue, and we are committed to reducing the gender gap. A commitment that is demonstrated by our presence in the main indexes dedicated to these issues such as Refinitiv’s Diversity & Inclusion Index and Bloomberg’s Gender Equality Index.