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Our ESG vision

ESG vision

We believe that digital transformation is the key to the social and economic development of our Country and to the protection of our territory. Read more

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Our support to the community

Our commitment for social growth of communities and people's well being

In the projects and activities they implement with and for Communities, the Group companies interact with:

  • civil society: all citizens and people with special needs (young people, elderly people,  disabled people, etc.), their representative associations and non-profit organisations in general;
  • institutions: local authorities and central, national and supranational institutions;
  • university and research institutions;
  • media: traditional and social media.

The intention of the companies of the Group is to contribute to the economic wellbeing and growth of the community by supplying efficient and technologically advanced services.

Consistent with these objectives, and the responsibilities assumed towards the various stakeholders, the companies of the Group see research and as priority factors in growth and success.

Compatible with its role as a private company, and the associated demands of a financially efficient management, the Group, in making decisions, takes into consideration the social impact of telecommunication services, responding to the needs of even the weakest members of society.

The Group looks favourably on and, where appropriate, supports social, cultural and educational initiatives aimed at the advancement of the individual and the improvement of living conditions.

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Input 2021

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TIM Foundation Listening and intercepting needs, supporting innovation

Fondazione Telecom

The Foundation enables the Group to concentrate and strengthen its commitment to the community, with the main aim of improving people's quality of life, pursuing its objectives through the allocation of contributions to initiatives proposed by non-profit organizations and associations.

Fondazione TIM (in Italian)