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Trade Unions

04/26/2020 - 07:30 PM

TIM has developed its industrial relations model over time to be geared towards ensuring constant dialog and constructive engagement aimed at promoting the appropriate participation of trade union representatives and organizations.

The structure of TIM’s current industrial relations model, formalized with the trade unions in the Protocol of January 11, 2019, is aimed at enhancing collaboration on matters required by law and collective bargaining, in the areas of information, consultation and negotiation, both at national and regional level.

At a local level, there is a widespread presence of trade union representatives in all the Italian regions, which fosters active decentralized participation allowing the specific regional needs and opportunities to be better understood and combined by both parties.  Today, 396 TIM people hold the office of trade union representative.  TIM recognizes specific prerogatives defined by company agreements in force at the time for union representatives in the company, in addition to the protections and rights provided by law and the TLC national labor agreement.

Due to the organizational complexity and multi-regional presence, trade union representatives elected a national representative body - in line with the Consolidated Law on Representation January 10, 2014 - called the National Trade Union Representatives Coordinator, delegated to manage negotiations with the company for matters of a national nature.

The industrial relations system is set up with a focus on preventive phases of information and union discussions, also through specific corporate bodies (in the form of permanent joint commissions) with the task of the technical development of specific subjects such as training and occupational health and safety, welfare and equal opportunities.

This system is based on a widespread knowledge of the company’s strategies, as well as a particular focus on the protection of collective interests and the professional development of workers, enhancing the dialog that takes place both nationally and locally.

In the TIM Group colleagues who join the Unions is equal to 38% in 2020.