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Details of the significant shareholdings

03/30/2021 - 11:00 AM

This page shows information on significant equity holdings in Telecom Italia ordinary shares. 

The following table shows the major equity holdings (over 3%) in Telecom Italia ordinary shares according to information in the Shareholders’ Register, the notifications made to Consob and the Company pursuant to Art. 120 of Legislative Decree 58 of 24 February 1998, and other information available. (*)

   Subject Type of shareholding No. of ordinary shares % of ordinary share capital (1)
Vivendi S.A.Direct3,640,109,99023.746
Cassa Depositi e Prestiti S.p.A.Direct1,503,750,0009.810
Canada Pension Plan Investment BoardDirect488,689,6933.188

(*)  Through resolution no. 21326 of  9 April 2020 (which revoked and replaced the previous resolution no. 21304 of 17 March 2020), Consob established that, pursuant to article 120, paragraph 2-bis of the Consolidated Finance Act ("TUF), for a period of three months starting from 11 April 2020 - and subject to early revocation - when the additional threshold of 1% is exceeded, the investee company and Consob must be informed according to article 120, paragraph 2 of the Consolidated Finance Act.

Further resolutions have in the meantime been issued. Through resolution n. 21434 of 8 July 2020 Consob decreed that the provisions referred to in resolutions n. 21326 and 21327 of 9 April 2020 relating to the identification  of further thresholds for the disclosure of company shareholdings and declarations of intent, in companies with a particularly broad shareholder base – the relevant lists of which have been updated with resolution no. 21352 of 6 May 2020 and no. 21404 of 17 June 2020 – were extended for a period of three months, from 12 July 2020 until 12 October 2020 and with a resolution of 7 October 2020 to 13 January 2021.
With resolution no. 21672 dated 13 January 2021, Consob further extended the above-mentioned term for a further three months from 14 January to 13 April 2021, without prejudice to early revocation.

Pursuant to  disclosures made in compliance with the above mentioned resolutions which have taken place in time, Consob published the following direct share ownerships:

  • Novator Capital Ltd 2.986%  (controlled by Futures Holding Trust **) – 15 October 2020 transaction date. On the same date the shareholding held by Partners Telecom Sarl, for the equivalent amount, was reduced to zero. Following the increase in the ordinary share capital, as indicated below (1), the shareholding is reduced to 2.962%.

  • Banca d’Italia 1.011%  - 16 September 2020 transaction date (settlement date 18 September 2020). Following the  increase in the ordinary share capital, as indicated below (1), the shareholding is reduced to 1.002%.

  • Norges Bank 1.053% - 8 June 2020 transaction date. Following the increase in the ordinary share capital, as indicated below (1), the shareholding is reduced to 1.045%.

(**) Discretionary and irrevocable Trust, regulated by the provisions of Law of Guernsey and administered by BB Trustees SA in its capicity as Trustee. The Settlor is Bjorgolfur Thor Bjorgolfsson, the Protector is Frank Pitt. Beneficiaries of the Trust are Bjorgolfur Thor Bjorgolfsson and his children. The Trustee has the sole powers of intervention and no third parties or beneficiaries have any powers of intervention (additional information provided in compliance with Consob Communication no. 0066209 of 02/08/2013).

Shareholdings of Telecom Italia ordinary shares held by Telecom Italia S.p.A. itself and by Telecom Italia's subsidiaries

Company No. of ordinary shares % of ordinary share capital (1) 
Telecom Italia S.p.A. 28,464,0920.186%
Telecom Italia Finance S.A.126,082,3740.822%

(1) The percentages refer to the total number of ordinary shares which constitute Telecom Italia's share capital, as results from the most recent filing made at the Companies Register, at the date of the present updating. Following the issue, on 27 November 2020 of 126,343,913 ordinary shares resulting from the public offer of subscription by payment reserved to employees in the “2020 Employee Share Ownership Plan", Telecom Italia’s share capital is now equal to 15,329,466,496 ordinary shares and was registered at the Companies Register on 28 December, 2020.