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TIM: Apulia first region in Italy with no digital divide

The plan to provide ultrabroadband coverage through the FTTx network is complete

02/17/2021 - 11:33 AM

Apulia is the first region in Italy to close the digital divide. In the last few days, TIM has completed the plan to provide ultrabroadband coverage via the FTTx network (namely with FTTC technology up to 200 Mbps and FTTH technology up to 1 Gigabit/s), reaching 99.4% of households that use the fixed network, while the remaining 0.6% is also covered by satellite or FWA ultrabroadband connections.

This speed-up will allow citizens and businesses in Apulia to access the latest generation technologies and the most advanced digital services.

Despite the COVID-19 emergency, in recent months, TIM has continued its fibre optic network deployment plan and, in the case of Apulia, infrastructural work has been carried out in around 200 municipalities to construct new networks or expand existing ones, ensuring ultrabroadband connections for citizens and businesses.

To promote the adoption of new technologies and accelerate the country's transition to digitalisation, TIM will shortly be proposing to AGCOM and all other telecommunications operators a territorial action aimed at switching off the copper network (PSTN) in the province of Taranto and migrating all the city's lines to the ultrabroadband FTTx network, with a view to extending it to the entire region.

Since the start of the COVID-19 emergency, TIM has speeded up its fibre coverage plan in over 3,500 Italian municipalities, mainly in the country’s white areas. As of today, TIM’s fibre network is available to over 91% of Italian households that use the fixed network, in addition to ultra-broadband coverage via FWA, mobile (4G/5G) and satellite.

In addition, starting in April, FiberCop, a subsidiary of the TIM Group, will accelerate construction of the secondary fibre optic network to cover 76% of the country's black and grey areas with Fiber To The Home (FTTH) technology by 2025. FiberCop's new infrastructure will enable the development of FTTH solutions using the ‘open’ co-investment model provided for by the new European Electronic Communications Code.

Bari, 17 February 2021


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