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Telecom Italia: the new Voip communications network of ABB Italia is starting

Realised in collaboration with Italtel, the new integrated network infrastructure with telephone, video and data functions enables the use of advanced services

01/28/2010 - 05:00 PM

Milan, 28 January 2010

Telecom Italia, with the technological support of Italtel, a leading company in the development of next generation services and networks, has realised for ABB Italia a new integrated network of voice, video and data, based on Voice over IP technology, which allows for the use of advanced services and a significant reduction of costs. The new telecommunications infrastructure connects eight ABB sites situated throughout Italy and is used by about 5,000 users that have been provided latest-generation equipment.

As part of the project, Telecom Italia developed the architecture of Unified Communication based on MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) network infrastructure which features high levels of reliability and safety, realised through fibre optic connections. Moreover, Telecom Italia guarantees the maintenance and supervision of the entire communications infrastructure. Italtel has taken care of supplying and installing the Cisco devices, including the centralised platform activated at ABB’s Sesto S. Giovanni location and the routers dedicated to special network functions.

The new network responds to the company’s need to gradually migrate from traditional, switchboard-based telephone systems to an IP network capable of integrating sound and data in a single terminal, thus optimising the network infrastructure and, simultaneously, maintaining the connectivity with the ABB sites that are not yet part of the project.

Thanks to the ability of Telecom Italia and Italtel to integrate systems and technologies from several sources, the ABB network offers advanced, high-quality video and audio communications functionality. In fact, the adoption of the new infrastructure enables users to use specific applications such as personal telephone numbers and all the services tied to their own numbers from different work locations as well as while travelling, even abroad; from the company’s phone list to advanced switchboard services integrated with computers and software applications for calls via internet. Additionally, functions are available that enable caller identification, conference calling and advanced CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications based on voice recognition systems for programming automated and interactive answering systems for clients.

The solution is open to additional implementations and integrations with personalised applications, based on the user’s needs, concerning management of company phone lists, sorting and transferring incoming calls, automatic answer settings, call filter features and the management of services tied to personal phone numbers.