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The internet, and digital technologies in general, are simple tools that enable everyone to contribute to the development and well-being of the country in a safe and immediate way.

Fund-raising via digital platforms is growing exponentially in Italy, as highlighted in the 2018 edition of the “Crowdfunding in Italy” study released in December by Starteed. In fact, the data show how overall volumes were well above the expected levels during the year, with the Donation/Reward crowdfunding sector raising almost €18 million.

TIM has been active in this sector since 2015, the year it launched WithYouWeDo, the crowdfunding platform that has supported the development of a great deal of small, innovative projects in the digital, environmental and social arenas.

In 2018, WithYouWeDo made way for TIMsostiene, a platform more closely focused on supporting the most worthy initiatives in the Italian Tertiary Sector. As well as confirming the generosity of the Italian people, the results have also shown how digital technology can play a key role in uniting people for a good cause. Ten fund-raising campaigns were launched on the platform in 2018, raising almost €500,000 from over 500 donors.


Donating by means of the App

How to donate via the App

The DonaconTIM App is available to all Consumer and Business donors, as well as Corporations and companies with a VAT number. While the App is not limited to TIM customers, the user needs to own a prepaid SIM or subscription contract.

Once they have downloaded the App on their smartphone from the iOS or Android store, donors can open the application and access the homepage where they will find all the active projects with descriptions and goals provided by the specific voluntary organisation.

By selecting a project, you access the detail page where you can get more information on the project and, if the project is also supported with a 455XY charity phone number, you can follow the progress of donations from both fixed and mobile networks.

Finally, by clicking on the “Donate Now” button, donors can enter the sum they wish to donate, choose their payment method (credit card, PayPal or bank transfer - only for Android), view the privacy policy and make their donation.

If the process was completed successfully, a thank you message will appear. On Android smartphones, in addition to a summary of the donation information, donors can learn more about the project on the main sites of the voluntary organisation that received the donation and share the donation on social media. Also, in the “Donation History” section, donors can view all previous donations.

These data are stored on the donor’s mobile phone but are not recorded on any server or associated with any user profile, so users must take care not to uninstall the app, otherwise all data acquired will be lost.

The service is free for mobile customers and donations are tax-deductible.

The cost of accessing and using the App depends on the connection costs established by the individual Operator.

How to launch fund-raising initiatives on the App

Tertiary Sector organisations that want to publish one or more fund-raising campaigns on the DonaconTIM app must:

·        sign a service agreement with TIM to use the App and provide TIM information on the campaign to publish;

·        sign or already have signed a financial contract for bank payment services with Banca Sella, manager of Gestpay, the platform for accepting and managing online payments used by the DonaconTIM app. For new subscribers there is a particularly advantageous promotion for voluntary organisations that activate DonaconTIM.

Further information can be requested by emailing: donacontim@telecomitalia.it

Donating on the web platform

How to donate online

The DonaconTIM web platform is available to everyone. To connect, all you need do is type donacontim.gruppotim.it into any internet browser.

On the homepage you will find a slider that highlights all currently active campaigns.

By clicking on these, you access a detailed page with the description and goals of the project, a photo gallery, any updates and stories linked to the fund-raising campaign. Finally, some campaigns make it possible to view the symbolic rewards linked to certain donation sums.

By clicking on the “Donate Now” button or selecting one of the available rewards, the donor can choose one of the available payment methods (credit card, bank transfer, PayPal), view the Terms & Conditions and the privacy policy, and make their donation.

Once the operation is completed, the donation will appear in the part dedicated to the supporters of the campaign with an anonymous listing, with the donor's name or a with pseudonym chosen by the donor.

How to launch fund-raising initiatives online

Fundraising campaigns can be published on the DonaconTIM web platform by non-profit Tertiary Sector organisations (Leg. Decree 117/2017) that operate exclusively or primarily in the following areas: culture; protection of artistic, cultural and natural heritage; health and research; integration/inclusion and protection of disadvantaged people or people in need.

Essential requisites:

·       Articles of Association;

·       the last two approved and registered financial statements, or provisional balance sheet;

·       TIM anti-corruption “Due Diligence” questionnaire, filled out in full and signed by the legal representative of the voluntary organisation;

·       examination and signing of the Rules that regulate the service.

Organisations will also have to present a document describing the fundraising project and a communications plan to ensure the necessary visibility of the fundraising campaign.

Further information can be requested by emailing: donacontim@telecomitalia.it