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Telephone fund-raising services for charities of social value are regulated by the Code of Conduct signed by all telephone operators.

In 2014, the main telecommunications operators, virtual mobile network operators, broadcasters and national publishers signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Civil Defence, which defined a procedure for the immediate activation and prompt dissemination of charity telephone numbers to raise funds for areas affected by natural disasters. The Protocol, which was valid for three years, is currently being updated.

The numbers that can be used for fund-raising – identified and regulated by the National Numbers Plan in the 455XY ranges ‒ are allocated to the Tertiary Sector and are listed as “special public numbers” without interconnection obligations. They are distinguished as either a permanent and temporary number:

- the numbers 455XY with X= 1, 2, 3, (30 numbers) are allocated on a permanent basis;

- the numbers 455XY with X= 0, 8, 9, (30 numbers) are allocated on a temporary basis.

The other ranges are reserved for future developments and for requests as they develop. As requested by the Department of Civil Defence, the numbers 45599 and 45500 are reserved for fund-raising initiatives related to emergencies and natural disasters.

Fundraising initiatives with TIM customers in 2018

A total of 128 fund-raising campaigns were held in 2018 with over €11.3 million raised.

The 2018 national and international campaigns saw a shift in focus among TIM donors: the drop in funds raised for scientific research and medical/surgical and healthcare assistance (around -22.74%) was offset by the substantial increase – around twofold - for projects concerning personal protection, particularly with regard to female victims of violence, the elderly and minors. There was also an increase in fund-raising for the protection of animals and the environment.

Meanwhile, national sensitivity as regards Nutrition and Social Protection and the concepts of saving food and combating food waste fell by 12.4 percentage points.

How to donate by phone

For both permanent and temporary numbers, either €1 or €2 can be donated by text message, while telephone call donations can vary from €2 to €5 up  to €10, depending on the NNP.

The amounts collected are not subject to VAT and are donated to the recipient organisation through the signing of a specific agency agreement with TIM, pursuant to Art. 1704 of the Italian Civil Code.

To lodge a report or request an explanation on the sums debited after making a donation, customers can contact Customer Service (consumers should dial 187 for land-line donations and 119 for mobile donations; business customers should dial 191).  

How to launch a telephone fundraising initiative

Charitable telephone fund-raising campaigns can only be launched by entities belonging to the “Tertiary Sector”, in particular NPOs and international humanitarian aid organisations (NGOs or UN organisations).

Essential requisites:

• presentation of all necessary documentation by the first day of the month preceding the month in which the fund-raising campaign takes place;

• description, Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association of the organisation;

• last two approved and registered financial statements and notes to the financial statements. The financial statements are important for two reasons: they guarantee that the non-profit organisation has existed for at least 1 year and they prove the organisation is transparent in reporting on its financial management;

• communication regarding registration with the national register of NPOs or with the specific registers for legally recognised NPOs;

• details on all aspects of the project to demonstrate sustainability. The special project form provided by the Operators should be filled in, indicating  purposes, beneficiaries, overall forecast budget including the allocation plan for every single cost item, methods and implementation times;

• support that the fund-raising campaign has received in terms of communication space on the major national TV networks (RAI, Mediaset, La7, SKY) without which the charity number will not be able to achieve the expected results in terms of amount of funds raised;

• in the event of subsequent fund-raising requests, accounting information in support of the principles of transparency and accessibility, which is a key process through which non-profit organisations document how funds raised have actually been allocated.

As regards charity fund-raising number requests made to TIM, these can be emailed to: raccoltesolidalitim@telecomitalia.it

Statutory references

  •     Law no. 249 of 31 July 1997, “Creation of the National Telecoms Regulator and regulations on telecommunications and radio-television systems”;
  •     Directive of the European Parliament and Council 2009/136/EC, which amended directive 2002/22/EC regarding universal service and the rights of users as regards electronic communication networks and services;
  •     Italian Legislative Decree no. 259 of 1 August 2003, “Electronic Communications Code" (“ECC”) amended by Italian Legislative Decree no. 70 of 28 May 2012, and in particular the provisions of Art. 83, paragraph 2 of the ECC as regards “codes of conduct”;
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  •     Resolution no. 8/15/CIR, “Numbering plan in the telecommunications sector and implementing regulation” as amended, and in particular Art. 22 of Annex A amended with Resolution no. 17/17/CIR in Annex 1, hereinafter NNP;
  •     “Code of Conduct for the management of numbers used for non-profit telephone fund-raising initiatives” of 24 October 2017 drafted in accordance with Art. 22, paragraph 8 of Annex 1 of Resolution no. 17/17/CIR as amended;
  •     Circular Letter no. 59/E of the Italian Revenues Agency of 31/10/07

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