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TIM and LGBT+ people: the road to inclusion

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The contribution made to the community by the TIM Group, calculated according to the London Benchmarking Group (LBG) guidelines, amounted to 17.15 million euros in 2019* (17.2 million euros in 2018 and 17.4 million euros in 2017).
The contribution has been calculated using management data partly based on estimates.

More than 150 major international companies subscribe to the LBG, which was founded in 1994 and is the global goldstandard for the classification of voluntary contributions made by companies in favour of the community.

In accordance with the LBG model, in order to measure and represent the Group's commitment to the community, the contributions disbursed have been subdivided into three categories (Charity, Investments in the community, Initiatives in the community), adopting the customary pyramid-shaped representation, which places initiatives of a charitable nature at the top and initiatives which in addition to being of benefit to the community are in the commercial interest of the Company at the bottom.

 * 0.03 million euros for Charity + 14.08 million euros for Investments in the Community, + 3.04 million euros for Initiatives in the community.



17.15 million euros