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Group Companies have undertaken numerous initiatives to protect children from content that may harm their psychological and physical development (for example, content that is violent, racist, offensive to religious sentiment, etc.).

Adult services come under value added services, also called premium or content-based services, and can be supplied by TIM or external companies that own the content via SMS, MMS or mobile internet services (WAP - wireless application protocol), which can be activated, received and/or used on mobile phones, tablets and PCs. From its activation, the TIM card is already enabled to use value added services with adult content, with the exception of TIM cards registered to minors, whose adult-content services are disabled.

The Group – in accordance with current regulations – provides the customer with a series of tools to protect minors from accessing the sensitive content provided; TIM constantly updates and communicates these tools to the customer, through its own information channels (including the 119 customer service and the website tim.it).

The tools to protect minors currently available to customers are: 

  • permanent restriction (black listing) of mobile users from accessing adult content;
  • adult content provided on the TIM mobile portal (“TIM WAP”) can only be accessed by entering a code (adult content PIN) on the user’s mobile device, which is different from all other codes used on the device itself in order to prevent minors from accessing said content. The customer is provided with the adult content PIN confidentially, and is responsible for its proper use and safeguarding;  
  • customers can ask for their mobile number to be black listed only for sensitive content other than adult content at any time via TIM’s usual information channels.

Further information regarding the activation and deactivation of the above protection tools is available at tim.it, from Customer Services on 119 and from authorized TIM retail outlets.

The TIM-Protect solution is the exclusive TIM option for total protection against web threats:

  • parental control: protects young people while surfing the Net, filters web searches, gives warnings in the case of behavior that is judged to be dangerous, allows you to block access to sites or apps or limit their use (maximum usage time setting)
  • theft protection: protects the device from loss and/or theft, ensuring remote control by sending a simple instruction (block device, find device, delete data, SIM change notification);
  • protection and privacy: protects all access to e-commerce, home banking and social media websites. Ensures privacy by filtering unwanted calls and messages;
  • antivirus: manages the device securely without affecting its operation, protecting it during use against viruses, malware and other threats.

The Company is particularly focusing attention on parental control, with the launch of offers dedicated to the younger generation (under 12s) with the TIM Protect service included, at no additional cost. The Company is also implementing co-marketing initiatives with certain operating partners in the “kids” segment, which is particularly sensitive to matters of child protection. At the end of December 2019, 142,764 TIM Protect had been activated.

TIM is constantly looking for ways to develop its offer portfolio to meet customer needs; among other things, an annual offer with a TIM Protect license has been available to customers since May 2018.

TIM also wants to help customers to make the best use of the TIM Protect service and, from October 2018, it made a freephone number 800 500 500 available; through this, an operator can give the customer step by step assistance and maximum support in the installation and use of the TIM Protect service.

Since September 2, 2019 TIM has launched a new, clearer and simpler landing page for the TIM Protect service, to provide customers with a better user experience.

In terms of tackling online child pornography and computer crime, from an organizational perspective, TIM has established – within the Security Department and, specifically, as part of the Security Operations Center (SOC) – the role of “Key Contact for the Postal Police”.

This person manages relations, and the flow of information, with the Postal Police[1] and the competent authorities, and has the task of coordinating, within the TIM Group, the process of abuse management, in accordance with the relevant legislative framework. Furthermore, TIM has adopted an organizational and management model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001, aimed at preventing offenses that may result in liability for the Company.

TIM has deployed resources, technologies, processes and tools to prevent and tackle “abuse”, i.e. any activity committed in violation of the rules of conduct and the legislation that governs the use of network services, digital systems or means of communication in general.


[1] CNCPO -National Center for the Fight against Online Child Pornography, CNAIPIC – National Center against Digital Crime for the Protection of Critical Infrastructure.