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"Netiquette" refers to the rules of good conduct and manners for anyone who uses the Internet with other users through tools such as newsgroups, mailing lists, forums and e- mails. Netiquette is not provided by any law, but is based on a rather established standard that is shared by all web surfers.

Here are the basic principles to follow:

  • Always maintain watchful and responsible behaviour, never use vulgar and offensive language and express yourself correctly and appropriately to the situation.
  • Do not to respond to provocations or threats: ignore them.
  • Do not copy material from the Internet created by others (films, music, photos) proposing it as if it were your own. It would be a crime.
  • Always listen to the advice of parents and teachers. Talk to them about your experiences on the Net.
  • Do not secretly visit the sites that have been banned by your parents.
  • Do not respond to Spam messages and Hoax (chain letters). Delete them.
  • Remember: the web keeps a trace of what we do and say for a long time and in an uncontrolled way.

There is also seriously improper conduct which may give rise to real cyber crimes punishable by law. These include:

  • violating the security of files and computers on the Net
  • violating the privacy of other Internet users, reading or intercepting their e-mail
  • affecting the operation of the Net and its devices with specific programs (such as viruses, Trojan horses).