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The general communication about tariff changes, new offers, new products and services to the customers is broken down according to the methods shown below.

According to the Code of the Electronic Communications (article 70, paragraph 4), any change in the conditions of the provisions of Telecom Italia must be notified to the customers 30 days before the date the commercial initiative comes into effect.

This notification or “news” is published in the appropriate section devoted to useful information for customers on the www.timbusiness.it and www.tim.it websites. In the event of tariff changes or initiatives in response to specific regulations (for example, new services for disabling calls to certain numbers), information is published in a specific boxed area in the main national daily newspapers and, if time permits, a message is included in the “Telecom News” section of Telecom Italia bills, attached to mobile phone statements or sent via SMS for customers using the prepaid service.

For completeness, as a rule, price plans, products and services have one or more pages dedicated to them on the website, which include the following:

  • description of the service/product/offer;
  • prices;
  • operational features;
  • contract terms.

The Company may decide to use a broader and more structured communication method using various channels (e.g. TV, press, radio, Internet) in view of the commercial importance of the service/product.