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The nature of the telecommunications market is increasingly marked by great competitiveness and digitalisation which, together with simplification and compliance with customer expectations in terms of content and services, are key elements of the competitive arena.  An excellent customer experience is the guiding factor for increasing loyalty and the perceived value of the brand, and in attracting new customers.

In this area, TIM continues its transformation process focused on improving customer experience and strengthening the relationship with the brand. The “TIM around the Customer” project includes various initiatives based on transparency, simplicity and respect for the customer.

To drive this transformation TIM has developed an extensive listening system, which picks up on customer experience in the different “moments of truth” of the customer experience, for example: posting on social media, calling customer care, web browsing, purchasing a service, reporting a malfunction.

Of the surveys conducted, the monitoring of the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), based on the ACSI standard (American Customer Satisfaction Index), is particularly significant. The aim is to collect information on the quality perceived by TIM customers and the main competitors. Monitoring the CSI has earned certification of conformity with the UNI 11098:2003 standard and has been included in MBO and collective incentive system.

The 2019 results of the CSI are improving compared to levels recorded in 2018 (71.40, + 0.3% compared to 2018) [1]. In particular, on the fixed broadband consumer, the increase in the CSI compared to 2018 was 3.1%, thanks to the improvement actions with a positive impact on customer experience. On the mobile, TIM remains a leader among "traditional" operators. TIM’s ever-greater focus on “continuous improvement” of processes and the customer experience can also be seen through the Net Promoter Score (NPS) of customers who speak with the telephone assistance service, which have been confirmed to be extremely positive (NPS above 10).


 [1] For mobile+fixed broadband consumer customers, the CSI  was  71.91 in 2016, was 71.80 in 2017 and 71.20 in 2018 to reach 71.40 in 2019  compared to a target of 71.30 for the year.

The use of Social Networks in Customer Care

In recent years, TIM Customer Relationship Management has been increasingly focused on the monitoring of new digital contexts, identifying the future of assistance, care and loyalty of its customers in the monitoring and management of care contacts obtained from the social networks (Twitter and Facebook).

In 2010, TIM launched the Caring on Social Media project and, over the years, has built up a new relationship with digital mobile and landline telephone customers, building trust by re-engineering and reviewing processes, developing management systems, extending monitoring times and investing in the training of social caring agents.

With the projects already launched in 2017, aimed at both improving the service provided and monitoring quality in 2018, TIM has strengthened its operational model through the use of a new social tool platform, for the integrated management of all touch points, leading to further development in the operator’s functions and in controlling the main performance indicators. TIM continues with its strategy strongly oriented towards digitisation and innovation, also offering new digital caring channels to the customers’ advantage, who receive personalised and quick answers that improve customer experience, loyalty and engagement.

At 31 December 2019, TIM’s social caring team managed 557K caring interactions on the Facebook page and 68K on Twitter; in particular, the demand for caring for facebook customers stood at 156K conversations on the public page and 401K through private messages. The main reasons for contact with digital customers were requests for clarifications of a commercial, administrative or technical assistance nature. This has allowed TIM, even in early 2019, to consolidate its leading role on social networks and also its digital leadership in the Socialbaker rankings; TIM has positioned itself in the first places as a brand in Italy in terms of social channel response time and rate (AMIQ indicator)[1], a parameter calculated taking into account the relationship between the number of managed public posts and the response time of the brand within 24 hours).

The contribution of social networks is also important for TIM to enhance and promote the many social, cultural and innovative initiatives, such as the Mausoleum of Augustus project, the dissemination of the TIMHitech 5G project initial results, numerous social issues (especially those overseen by the TIM Foundation) and support for publishing Corporate Social Responsibility projects (e.g. the TIM Digital School and TIMSostiene).

All this has allowed TIM to consolidate its position at the top of the various communities, created on various social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) for its main brands: TIM, TIM Business, TIMvision, TIMmusic, Working Capital, with over 3.9 million likers and followers.

From July 2018, through the Instant Messaging channel in the new version of the TIMpersonal app, fixed and mobile consumer customers have the opportunity to interact with customer service in a smart way; from January 1 to December 31, 2019, the digital customer care team handled 2.4 million conversations via Instant Messaging.

From November 2018 TIM has also offered the new customer service channel on WhatsApp (the first telephone operator in Italy to offer this service). Initially, this assistance service has been reserved for TIM Pay customers, the payment tool that integrates telephone service with the innovative “mobile banking” solution (TIM Pay customers can receive dedicated assistance with all TIM fixed and mobile services), it has also been extended to customers with a discounted subscription (deaf and blind customers). WhatsApp assistance will be progressively rolled out to other services, for example sending invoices, notification of payment deadlines and many courtesy activities. From 1 January to 31 December 2019, the digital customer care team managed 25K conversations through the whatsapp channel.

[1] Answered Minus Ignored Questions.