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When contracts are drafted, for all fixed telephony products, TIM requires packaging to include an environmental statement, a statement about the origin of the tantalum if it has been used in the components, a user manual containing safety information, details of any hazardous materials in the product and disposal information. With regard to labelling of mobile devices, as they are consumer products that TIM merely resells and do not require any customization, the Company simply requires national legislation to be complied with.

In Brazil, in addition to compliance with national legislation, TIM Participações requires information on the correct use of equipment; TIM Participações does not have the procedures on the information and labels on products and services. However, contracts with suppliers of mobile devices include a ‘product packaging’ clause, which requires that each box contain instructions for the correct use of both the product, the accessory kit and of the connection jacks associated with the product.

For a particular product range, TIM eco-friendly, discussed in detail in the Environment chapter, all the relevant environmental parameters are also shown (e.g. energy consumption). 


Non-compliance with codes and regulations

Over the past three years, no non-conformities regarding product information and labelling have been found in any product that has reached the final marketing stage (100% tested for fixed and mobile terminals).

There have however been a few cases in which non-conformities with regulations concerning information and “labelling” of services have been found. In particular, TIM Participações has only received financial penalties; that is, in 2019 4 incidents occurred for which ANATEL issued total penalties of 247,132 reais, in 2018 3 incidents occurred for total penalties of 397,009 reais and in 2017 13 incidents occurred for total penalties of 896,730 reais (in respect of the guarantees and rights to protect users)

The regulatory Authority’s sanctioning procedures for non-conformities with regulations regarding information on services are part of the system of “penalties for the violation of regulatory legislation regarding consumer protection in the supply and use of TLC products and services”; this means that, for Italy, non-conformities regarding information on services have been merged with non-conformities regarding the supply and use of services.