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TIM and LGBT+ people: the road to inclusion

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Our Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics is the basis of our entire corporate governance system: it provides the foundations for our values and the body of principles serving to ensure an ethically-oriented conduct of business based on transparency, correctness and fairness. The Code of Ethics, adopted by all the Group companies, sets the rules and principles of business activity with reference to the major stakeholders with which Telecom Italia interacts daily: shareholders, the financial market, customers, suppliers, competitors, institutions, the community and employees.

In the same way as all the other corporate governance instruments, the Code of Ethics is constantly reviewed and compared with changes in the regulatory framework, reference standards, and operational and market practices, with account also taken of the feedback from the monitoring of departments’ compliance by the person in charge of internal control.

The Code of Ethics of Telecom Italia is at the basis of the so-called "231 Organizational Model", i.e. a model of organization and management adopted pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 231/2001, aimed at preventing crimes that could result in administrative responsibility for the Company.

A dedicated team of people ("Compliance 231"), of TIM Compliance Department, has the task of coordinating employees' training on both the Model and the Code of Ethics. It also handles reports on breaches of the Model and the Code,  and implements compliance actions on the basis of warnings arriving through the appropriate internal information processes. Within this kind of activities, the team has the task of updating the anti-corruption policy and of communicating it to all employees through

  •     news, documents and online courses published on the company’s intranet,
  •     specific communications concerning the ways in which the policy must be complied with.

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Policy on human rights

Our commitment on respecting Human Rights dates back to many years ago. In 2015 we also adopted a policy, the purpose of which is embedding the Human Rights in Telecom Italia’s operations.

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Antitrust Code of Conduct

Aimed at all TIM personnel (top management, executives, employees), the Antitrust Code of Conduct illustrates the contents of the legislation protecting competition in a simple and accessible way and provides a practical guide on the kinds of behaviour to adopt when faced with specific situations that could be a cause of potential antitrust violations.