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Organizational Model 231 and anti-corruption aspects

Compliance with Law 231 is a key condition to be fulfilled for the Telecom Italia Group to conduct its business, in terms of ethics and compliance.  

In order to ensure that everyone acquires the knowledge needed in their working environment, a compulsory e-learning training course has been released for all employees on Organizational Model 231 and the Code of Ethics and Conduct, regarding anti-corruption issues and the main relevant international laws and regulations.

Procedure for countering corrupt practice

Telecom Italia defends the strategic value of transparency which is the basic principle inspiring all the company actions, plans and initiatives.
This procedure consists in a systematic framework to counter corrupt practices.

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Tax policy

In TIM Group the management and conduct concerning tax payment is inspired by the principles provided by the Group’s Code of Ethics and Conduct.

In this perspective, tax activities are included in the Group’s general risk control systems and procedures, as well as in audit and compliance general activities and programs.

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Market Abuse

The procedure for the handling confidential information is coordinated with internal regulations generally applicable to the classification and management of confidential information.

Responsible Marketing

Marketing actions are "responsible" when - during both planning and execution - they are made on the basis of social, environmental as well as economic premises.

Therefore the Telecom Italia Group has defined and approved a series of codes fixing the behaviour rules on specific aspects of commercial activities: Chart of Services, Principles of Corporate Governances and so on.

Relations with competitors

In order to safeguard competition and the consumer, Telecom Italia interacts with the Antitrust Authority both preventatively and during proceedings launched by it.

Our activities with AGCOM - Download the document

Our activities with AGCM - Download the document

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Compliance Antitrust Train.

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