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We value people over differences.

For many years we have paid particular attention to the topics of inclusion and the enhancementof diversity, in the knowledge that these aspects not only represent ethical values, but are also a formidable driver for enhancing the company’s performance, as they are closely related to  engagement and people’s satisfaction.


  • Culture of Inclusion
  • "Progetto Donna" (Woman Project)
  • Disability
  • Sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Ethnicity and Religion

Culture of inclusion


Every year, we promote numerous events intended to disseminate inclusion issues, with the active contribution of employees.

The most successful initiative is 4Week4Inclusion, an inter-company marathon organized by TIM for the third consecutive year.

"Progetto Donna" (Woman Project)


We implement actions to effectively guarantee the equality of women in terms of equal opportunities and professional growth. Gender difference is in fact a resource on which to build a more solid world of work and a fairer society. Progetto Donna aims to overcome the gender gap by tackling cultural aspects such as reducing gender bias, promoting shared family and parenting roles, and empowerment.



Gender and sexual harassment and bullying

We have an ad hoc policy and legal, psychological and Person of Trust counseling services to support it. Since 2022 we have introduced a training course (on demand) on harassment and bullying.

Gender bias

We engaged the entire corporate population in the Harvard Implicit Test, in partnership with Harvard University, to measure unconscious biases related to gender.

Shared parenting

Since 2021, we have introduced the new additional parental leave, which doubles the number of days available for mandatory paternity leave. A Psychological Desk is also available to support parenting, which is free of charge to support new parents in moments of difficulty.



Female LeadHERship

We highlight the value of female leadership with cycles of role modeling meetings to combat gender bias and prejudice.

Partnership with Young Women Network

224 female colleagues under 35 years old involved in networking, mentoring and empowerment meetings to support their personal growth journey and fostering the creation of a network to exchange ideas, experiences and design common paths.

Coaching and mentoring programs:

  • 393 Individual Coaching programs and 1 Group Coaching started
  • 58 Mentoring Programs for female colleagues under 37 years old



Over 1,500 of our male and female colleagues at TIM, equal to around 3% of the workforce, have a disability. To allow them to live their working day comfortably, we have made available:

  • solutions to improve communication between deaf and hearing employees;
  • the “Sordi Inclusi” [Deaf Included] program, which provides additional technological equipment to allow deaf colleagues to communicate with the rest of the company;
  • the dyslexia awareness and training programs;
  • the “Nessuno Escluso” [None Excluded] project aimed at providing specific IT equipment for everyone with a disability.

Sexual orientation and gender identity


We are among the first Italian companies to provide specific inclusion programs for LGBT people. Based on our extended view of the family, we offer cohabiting partners all the benefits provided for family units, regardless of gender or blood ties. We therefore give homosexual families and their children the opportunity to access company caring services. For colleagues undergoing gender transition, we recognize self-perceived identity before the sentence is passed and prepare the working environment for the colleague’s transition.

We are among the founding members of “Parks - Liberi e uguali” [Parks - Free and Equal], a non-profit association that promotes Diversity Management as a source of value and a competitive advantage. Parks supports member companies in building a culture of inclusion through training, organizational consulting, research, event organization and networking activities.

Ethnicity and religion


Although in Italy less than 1% of people in the Company belong to an ethnicity and/or religion other than the one prevailing in the country, we keep this aspect in mind in our actions. In 2022, a policy was published that gives people of religions other than Catholicism the opportunity to celebrate the holidays stipulated by their beliefs with ad hoc permits, and to be able to organize times of worship at corporate workplaces.

In Brazil, around 38% of TIM’s workforce belong to ethnic minorities. In November 2022, we launched the “Black People Development Program” project to provide development paths for all of TIM’s black professionals.