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Health and Safety protection

We apply the highest standards and pursue continuous improvement of our management model.


Our Safety Management Model complies with the main recognized standards (UNI ISO 45001) and applies to all processes connected with offices and mixed use buildings.

In addition to the specific policy, which encompasses the safety management principles and guidelines, we have set up a Safety Steering Committee, chaired by the Chief Executive Officer, with the aim of:

  • ensuring that the Management System complies with the reference standards;
  • promoting integration between the various company functions;
  • reporting on the performance of the Management System and sharing improvement measures.

In 2022, in addition to the mandatory activities, we carried out information and awareness campaigns aimed at all employees.



Near misses (or "near accidents") are events that did not result in injury to the person only because of favorable conditions and/or chance.

Thanks to the reports received, we have identified the highest risk areas on which to intervene with increasingly efficient prevention activities.