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People Caring

We create the conditions to increase the well-being of our people


In 2022, we repeated all the main initiatives for the well-being of people and families that we had already implemented in the past.



140 children (children or grandchildren of our employees) have benefited from study assistance to improve school readiness. The project was carried out in cooperation with ALATEL, the Association of retirees and workers of the Group).

My Reimbursement

We reimburse expenses incurred for daycare, preschool or baby-sitting services in order to support parenting and the work-life balance of colleagues.

Around 1,200 applications granted.

TIM Summer

For more than 50 years, we have been offering our employees' minor children a summer stay of fifteen days. An important change was introduced in the TIM Summer 2022 catalog: each stay was inclusivity-oriented, with targeted educational and training initiatives.

3,000 children and young people involved.

17 Foreign study bursaries

For the most deserving children of our employees.


We have disbursed 20 financial assistance packages to employees who found themselves in particularly difficult financial situations.



A catalog of materials offering insights into the prevention of certain diseases and proper lifestyles.

TIM myHealth

A free Healthcare Policy for all our employees that provides comprehensive healthcare for the whole family, offers a telemedicine service, ensures the support of a doctor who is always available online, issues prescriptions and delivers medications to the home.

Enabled for all of the Group's people. Used in 2022 by more than 500 people.

Movement and physical activity

Since 2019, we provide our employees with a partnership with gympass At subsidized

costs which gives them access to another 2,200 sports centers, helping to reduce sedentariness, the fourth leading mortality risk factor worldwide.

12,000 enrolled in free programs. Over 2,000 subscriptions activated.

Stress reduction: Paths of Resilience

Personal support desk with a package of 8 free online meetings and up to 20 optional meetings at a subsidized rate. 4 webinars to raise energy levels, manage emotions, plan for the future and 2 e-learning paths for the well-being of mind and spirit.

125 psychological support programs completed. 300 training course users.