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Our training and reskilling programs

We grow the skills required in the ICT industry


We have set up a continuous training plan to improve the skills required by the ICT market which, during 2022, involved all employees in Italy in courses divided into four clusters:

  • technological skills: courses on core business technologies, such as 5G, Cloud and Cybersecurity;
  • crossover skills: course to improve knowledge of company processes, including those relating to anticorruption and health and safety;
  • professionalizing skills: course on business with a focus on the digital transformation;
  • ecosystem skills: courses on the telecommunications and ICT industry, business scenarios and top trends such as that related to sustainability scenarios.

The plan also ensures the dissemination of basic knowledge about the principles of risk management related to the different sustainability issues covered (such as cybersecurity, health and safety, anti-corruption, diversity and inclusion, management of environmental issues, etc.).

Also in Brazil the training activities have involved all employees, for a total of approximately 0.6 million hours (62 hours per capita), with an increase of 24% compared to 2021 and with a priority focus on development skills associated with technological evolution and market and on strengthening the ESG culture.

In 2022, TIM’s investment for training was over 8.6 million euros with an average per capita investment of approximately 168 euros.

In addition to internal training, we are actively committed to reducing the gap between the skills  required and those existing in the labor market. For this reason, we are contributing to the work of educational establishments with the experiences and teachings of our professionals on digital innovation topics, promoting the development of digital professions with training programs created with our technology partners, and working with highly specialized skills development centers to create innovative projects.


We are among the founding members in Rome of the Higher Technical Institute "Maria Gaetana Agnesi - Tech & Innovation Academy", a postgraduate high-tech school of excellence that trains Data Analysts and Digital Transformation Specialists.

  • 37 founding members and participants 
  • 2 courses
  • 50 students
  • 1.800 annual training hours


In collaboration with Google Cloud we have developed a free training program to enhance digital skills and guide Italian developers (freelancers and IT business teams) to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) certification.

  • 7.000 developers trained
  • 3.000 skill badges


As a partner and associate of some of the National Industry 4.0 Competence Centers, we have supported 6 winning proposals of the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy "Houses of Emerging Technologies" call for tenders on topics covering Blockchain and Crypto Asset, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, 6G, quantum technologies.

The interventions are aimed at municipalities where there is an ultra-broadband network using 5G mobile technology.

The municipalities benefiting from the proposals are Taranto, Genoa, Bologna, Naples Pesaro and Cagliari.


TIM Group Training & Development inputs 2022 (.pdf) - Download and consult the document