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Value of our people

We are committed to enhancing skills and experiences in an evolving scenario.


The ongoing evolution of the technological andeconomic scenario presents ICT companies with the challenge of managing organizational changes and adapting professional skills.

Our company employs over 40,000 people in Italy, with an average age of 51. To protect the wealth of experience of senior workers, in 2022 we launched the Longevity Program, a comprehensive plan of interventions to enhance their contributions and overcome age-related stereotypes.

At the same time, to foster generational turnover, we signed an Expansion Contract for the two-year period 22-24 which provides for:

  • a reduction in working hours for around 30,000 workers, depending on their organizational area for three distinct percentages (10%, 15% and 25%) supplemented by a balancing payment and the provision of training and reskilling programs; 
  • a voluntary early retirement plan for 2,200 workers;
  • a targeted recruitment campaign focused on key skills (1 new hiring planned for every 3 workers departing).