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We want to be sustainable always, in everything we do.

Sustainability of our services

Being a large telecom company, the contribution we provide to the sustainable growth of the community can be summarized according to the following scheme:

  • overcoming the geographic digital divide: our projects on broadband coverage of rural areas follow in this category
  • contributing to social digital inclusion: for example, our initiatives for dissemination of  internet and of new technologies among those who would otherwise be excluded for social reasons, as well as the development of new technologies for helping disable and people with health problems communicate
  • research and innovation for the improvement of life quality: fixed telephone, mobile telephony and the Internet, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, 5G have set fundamental steps in human progress both from a technological and a social perspective. In order for this progress to go on, research cannot stop. Telecom Italia contributes to ICT research and it is an active participant in national and international consortia.
  • ensuring the security of the information transmitted through our network, and protecting people from abuses over the Internet while ensuring freedom of expression: the WEB is an incredible source of opportunities and TIM strongly supports the right to express one’s opinions in total freedom, but it is subject to abuses and attacks. TIM has programs for e-security and protection of minors
  • offering services and products for the reduction of the environmental footprint of citizens and enterprises: by 2020, telecommunications are predicted to contribute to a 15% reduction of other sectors’ emissions. Services such as telework, virtual conferencing, infomobility, tele-monitoring, are predicted to grow, thus providing an opportunity for economical development compatible with the safeguard of the environment. We offer these services and we help the Public Administration, enterprises and people be acquainted with them.

Doing things in a sustainable way

Implementing sustainability means not only providing sustainable services and products, but also having sustainable internal procedures and praxis. In TIM all internal and external norms and policies concerning social and environmental issues are strictly attended. Actually, our social and environmental procedures go well beyond law requirements. Compliance with procedures is monitored by the Group’s Audit company and by the certificatory bodies.

The consequences of our procedures are measured by our sustainability reporting system, and a part of those measures is published in our Annual Report. TIM Sustainability Report complies with Italian Legislative Decree 254/2016 on the disclosure of non-financial information and is in accordance with the Standards of the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (comprehensive option) following the principles of the AA1000APS (materiality, inclusivity e responsiveness).

The efficacy of our actions and offer is measured through a number of stakeholder engagement tools.