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FACILE E310 cordless phone

04/05/2013 - 05:00 PM

The new Telecom Italia cordless phone FACILE Gigaset E310 has been designed and manufactured applying guidelines aimed at reducing its environmental impacts, both from the point of view of the energy consumption, and with reference to the final disposal at the end of its useful life.

The main features that contribute to reducing FACILE E310’s environmental footprint are the following:

  • in the use phase, the phone consumes about 60% less energy than a previous model produced by the same manufacturer, with the same functionalities as FACILE E310, and this in turn corresponds to avoiding the same percentage of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 equivalent);
  • the phone is equipped with a highly energy efficient power supply;
  • the plastic material used for the housing is homogeneous and recyclable;
  • thanks to the adoption of the so called «thin wall» technology[1] the weight of the housing has been reduced by 20% while keeping the same mechanical characteristics;
  • the cardboard used for the packaging material is not plasticized and is 100% recyclable; the use of plastic bags has been minimized thanks to a specific design of the cardboard box.  


[1] Thin-wall technology is a recently developed and cost-effective plastic design technology. Using thin-wall technology not only saves material due to reduced wall-thickness, it also shortens cooling time which, in turn, helps optimize cycle time. Producing thin walls also results in material savings and miniaturization.