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TIM and LGBT+ people: the road to inclusion

Our presence at the Pride events, our collaboration with Parks, Valentina' story , LGBT+ wife and mother. Read more

A set of initiatives to improve the environmental efficiency of our products, from the use of sustainable materials to the reduction of energy consumption, applying the “Design For Environment” rules: all this is TIM Green.

Telephones and modems, as well as decoders and gamepads for gaming, and finally the new SIM card, the TIM Green range stems from collaboration with our suppliers. All components of our eco-sustainable products (including accessories and packaging) are made in accordance with energy efficiency principles and favour the use of eco-compatible, recycled and recyclable materials. They are also designed to simplify separation of the various components when the time comes to dispose of them, so as to further increase their possibility of reuse.

Scrupulous attention is paid to each aspect of all our products and we ensure their compliance with the highest standards to protect the health and safety of consumers, following all national and European directives in both the creation phase and in disposal procedures (for instance, RoHS and WEEE regulations, and European regulations 1275/2008 and 278/2009).

Moreover, as of today, those wishing to make an eco-responsible purchase can also choose one of the reconditioned smartphones available at our stores and online on the TIM website, thereby saving a good 50 kg of CO2, the amount necessary to produce a new one, without renouncing the guarantee of quality certified by TIM with rigorous tests and controls before they go on sale.