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Sustainability and Strategies Committee

Salvatore Rossi Chairman

Luigi Gubitosi

Franck Cadoret

Arnaud Roy de Puyfontaine

Massimo Ferrari

Rocco Sabelli

Maria Elena Cappello

Paola Bonomo

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  • Board of Directors approves the Annual Financial Statements for the year ending 31 December 2019

The Board of Directors on March 10, 2020, decided to alter the mission of the Strategic Committee, including within it the task of checking the consistency of Telecom Italia's objectives and management with environmental, social and corporate sustainability criteria. Therefore, the Committee has been renamed to Sustainability and Strategies Committee and two more members (directors Paola Bonomo and Maria Elena Cappello) has been added to its  original composition.

Pursuant to Corporate Governance Principles of Telecom Italia, modified as a consequence of this decision, the Strategies and Sustainability Committee:

  • assure support on matters of strategic importance;
  • at the request of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer, and in coordination with the prerogatives of their respective offices and powers, carry out preliminary assessments on the strategic choices of the Group;
  • provide opinions and formulate recommendations on strategic plan proposals to bring to the Board of Directors
  • monitors the consistency of Telecom Italia’s objectives and management with environmental, social and governance criteria.

Currently, the members of the Committee are: Chairman of the Board of Directors, the CEO, the Directors Bonomo (independent), Cadoret, Cappello (independent), de Puyfontaine, Ferrari (independent) and Sabelli (independent).

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Sustainability Committee

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