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TIM for the NRRP

The National Recovery and Resilience Plan, in addition to the Complementary Fund and the REACT EU programme, is a unique opportunity for Italy's economic and social growth. TIM Group is participating in this important relaunch project by supporting Italy’s digital development. It is doing so by offering technologies and innovative solutions that create value for the productive fabric of the country and benefits for people, building networks and infrastructure that allow data and services to travel securely and quickly, creating system-building partnerships. Businesses, the public administration, individuals and the general public will benefit, thanks to the contribution of the TIM Group.


Approved in July by the European Union, Italy's National Recovery and Resilience Plan is based on three strategic axes: digitalisation and innovation, ecological transition, and social inclusion. The NRRP provides funding for a total of 191.5 billion, to which €30.6 billion from the Complementary Fund are added as well as €13 billion from the REACT EU programme for a total of €235.1 billion, to be invested in projects under the umbrellas of six missions, divided into 16 components.

Mission 1 - Digitalisation

Mission 1

Digitalisation, innovation, competitiveness, culture and tourism.

Mission 2 - Green revolution

Mission 2

Green revolution and ecological transition


Mission 3 - Sustainable mobility

Mission 3

Infrastructure for sustainable mobility


Mission 4 - Education and research

Mission 4

Education and research


Mission 5 - Inclusion

Mission 5

Cohesion and inclusion


Mission 6 - Health

Mission 6



TIM Group NRRP business areas 




We build state-of-the-art fixed infrastructure to increase the spread of ultra-high-speed connections across the country and allow an increasing number of citizens, businesses and public administrations to discover all the benefits of digital innovation.

Find out more on the TIM Enterprise and FiberCop websites.



TIM's 5G network, the fastest in Europe according to Opensignal, is capable of revolutionising the way we work and live — from industry to self-driving cars, from telemedicine to smart cities and smart homes.
Find out more on the TIM Enterprise website.



We accelerate the evolution of businesses and public administrations by offering reliable and green cloud and edge computing infrastructure and services.

Find out more on the TIM Enterprise and Noovle websites.



We develop cutting-edge solutions that, through the use of the Internet of Things and Big Data, drive the evolution of the production of goods and services and the way we experience public spaces, guaranteeing high standards of cybersecurity. 

Find out more on the TIM EnterpriseOlivetti e Telsy websites.

digital skills

Digital Skills

We support the dissemination of digital skills, which are necessary for everyone to be ready to be a key player in the digital transformation.

Find out more about on TIM Enterprise and TIM Scuolabook websites.