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TIM a Dyslexia-Friendly company

TIM has been certified "Dyslexia Friendly Company" by the Italian Dyslexia Association thanks to its approach to diversity and inclusion. Read more

Living in the cloud with TIM

Cloud computing allows anyone to access maximum potential in processing power, paving the way for endless applications. Read More

Board of Directors

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NamePositionNationalityAppointedProposed byIndipendentSustainabilityControl and Risk CommitteeNomination and Remuneration CommitteeRelated Parties Committee
Salvatore RossiExecutive Chairmanitalian2021exiting BoD Chair   
Paolo BoccardelliDirectoritalian2021group of fund managers and SICAVsX X Chair
Paola BonomoDirectoritalian2021exiting BoDX XChair 
Franck CadoretDirectorfrench2021exiting BoD     
Paola CamagniDirectoritalian2021group of fund managers and SICAVsXX X 
Maurizio CarliDirectoritalian2021group of fund managers and SICAVsX  XX
Luca De MeoDirectoritalian2021exiting BoDX  X 
Arnaud Roy de PuyfontaineDirectorfrench2021exiting BoD     
Cristiana FalconeDirectoritalian2021exiting BoDXX  X
Federico Ferro LuzziDirectoritalian2021group of fund managers and SICAVsXXChair  
Giovanni Gorno Tempini
Directoritalian2021exiting BoD     
Luigi GubitosiDirector
italian2021exiting BoD     
Marella MorettiDirectoritalian2021exiting BoDX X X
Ilaria RomagnoliDirectoritalian2021exiting BoDX X X
Paola SapienzaDirectoritalian2021group of fund managers and SICAVsXX X 
  • Currently the average tenure of the BoD is 1.2 years

  • There are no directors holding more positions than the maximum number specified in TIM Principles of Corporate Governance