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Debt Structure as of September 30, 2022

11/10/2022 - 01:30 PM

IIIQ 2022 Results

Reported adjusted gross financial debt: € 32,671 mln

Liquidity Margin - € bln
Out of € 7.17 bln Financial Assets5,26+
Revolving Credit Facility of € 4 bln expiring in January 20234,00=
Liquidity Margin



  • Average debt maturity: 6.69 years (only bond maturity: 6.60 years)
  • Fixed rate portion on gross debt approximately 71%
  • About 34% of the outstanding bonds (face value) is denominated in USD and GBP and it's fully hedged
  • Cost of debt: ~ 4,2%

NOTE: The figures are net of the adjustment due to the fair value measurement of derivatives and related financial liabilities/assets, as follows:

  • the impact on Gross Financial Debt is equal to 449 €/mln (of which 187 €/mln on bonds)
  • the impact on Financial Assets is equal to 454 €/mln. 

Therefore, the Net Financial Indebtedness is adjusted by -5 €/mln.