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Women Empowerment

We want to accelerate change starting from within, transforming a company that boasts roots in our country's history into a modern organisation where women and men have the same opportunities and recognition. We have put in place some actions to achieve this, and many more will follow because we are aware that we can make a difference with everyone's commitment.

We started in 2009 with the creation of a Diversity Board made up of 55 volunteers, representing various diversities and coming from every function and territory, with the aim of bringing out the needs of everyone without filters. This tool and the collaborations with dedicated organizations such as Valore DParks - Liberi e Uguali and Fondazione Libellula gave rise to ideas that we applied progressively in the company, and also to the first specific programmes dedicated to the gender gap within the scope of training, development and evolution of our organisation.


To our colleagues, we offer training events on different aspects of women's leadershipmentorship and inspirational meetings carried out together with qualified partners such as Valore D, plus we carry out training sessions on shared parental and family roles and gender bias.

With the help of experts, we tackle the topic of gender equality from various angles, for example with the cycle of live meetings "E se cambiassi prospettiva?” (What if I change perspective?) which travels across Italy offering insights and comparisons on issues related to the gender gap.


We are also moving forward with targeted growth paths for some of our female colleagues. Women Group Empowerment is the name of the project consisting of 5 sessions on Self Empowerment, Leadership, Influence, Negotiation and Power, with which we provide tools and methodologies to strengthen self-awareness to our female colleagues.

We participate in and organise recruiting events dedicated to the valuing of STEM women, such as STEM Girls and WomenHack, and support scholarships and contests dedicated to the same theme, such as the Valeria Solesin Award and Ingenio al femminile, to break down the stereotypes that still influence what young women choose to study.

To give concrete tools to people who have decided to become parents, we promote shared parenting with 10 fully-paid days in addition to the 10 days of mandatory paternity leave.


Our organisation needs to become more modern, open and inclusive. We aim, in fact, to balance the presence of women in leadership roles and we work to harmonise the pay gap.

When renewing the Boards of Directors of our companies, we raised the presence of women to over 40%, and this not only for listed companies where there are legal obligations, but also for other companies.

And when we sponsor or participate in events with our own managers, we ensure that there is a balanced involvement of men and women.


Thanks to the path we have taken, we are present in the top rankings of the most important international rating agencies that assess the commitment of companies to Diversity & Inclusion. These include Bloomberg and Refinitiv. TIM's positive positioning could be even better if the agencies’ judgement of uncertainty over long-term plans - a judgement due to the continuous management changes of the last 10 years - did not weigh on the overall result. TIM and Olivetti, a Group company operating as part of TIM Enterprise, also received the UNI 125 certification on gender equality at the end of an in-depth audit carried out by RINA, the multinational certification company. In this context, the use of specific performance indicators (KPIs) to close existing gaps and produce substantial change over time was assessed.

Ours - and that of society in general - is a long road full of walls to be torn down that are still invisible to many people. Learn more about our #LaParitàNonPuòAspettare (Equality Cannot Wait) campaign.