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ESG vision

We believe that digital transformation is the key to the social and economic development of our Country and to the protection of our territory. Read more

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Stakeholders and relevant topics

As a company that is an important part of the country and its social and economic-productive fabric, we contribute to the development of Italy's economy and the competitiveness of businesses, the efficiency of the public administration and, more generally, the well-being of the people.
This is why we believe that it is essential to have an ongoing relationship with our stakeholders, that is all the people and organisations involved in our operations in various ways.
Through consultation, dialogue, information and partnership with us, each of our stakeholders has the opportunity to express which topics are relevant to them.
In order to make stakeholder engagement effective, with a view to continuous improvement, we constantly review the process, and we also use a collaborative platform to encourage solid and continuous involvement.

It is through these stakeholder engagement activities that the materiality matrix is defined and updated annually, allowing us to focus our attention, in the strategic planning and reporting phases, on the relevant issues that have emerged from discussions with our stakeholders.