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TIM myBroker

TIM myBroker is the TIM Group company operating in the insurance brokerage and risk consulting market with innovative solutions aimed at both Business/Enterprise and Consumer customers, as well as being the reference broker of the TIM Group.

TIM myBroker allows corporate clients to identify optimal risk management and risk transfer solutions to ensure that they achieve their business objectives and allows consumer customers to integrate different solutions for each type of need, providing a fully digital experience thanks to TIM's know-how and the quality of its technology partners.

TIM myBroker adopts the governance tools of the TIM Group both with reference to the Code of Ethics, and with reference to the Anti-Corruption Management System, and in the use of the Whistleblowing Procedure for reporting crimes or irregularities within the employment relationship. TIM myBroker, moreover, in compliance with Legislative Decree no. 231/01, adopted the “231 Organizational Model”.

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