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07/01/2021 - 03:00 PM

The dividend is the portion of the profit paid by the company to its shareholders.

Payment of annual dividends is subject to approval by the holders of Ordinary Shares at the annual

general shareholders’ meeting, which must be held within 180 days after the end of the financial year to

which it relates (pursuant to article 18, second paragraph, of the Company’s Bylaws).


Dividend Policy for 2021 (elaborated on the basis of the 2020 financial results)

The Shareholders’ Meeting held on March 31, 2021, resolved, for the 2020 financial year:

  • to allocate to the legal reserve the amount of 22,422,995.42 euros as needed to bring the total amount of the reserve up to 2,335,400,571.02 euros (equivalent to one fifth of the share capital);
  •  to allocate part of the profit for 2020 to pay the Shareholders a total dividend calculated based on the following amounts, which will be applied to the number of ordinary and savings shares that they own on the record date (excluding the treasury shares held by the Company:
  • 0.0100 euros (gross of witholding tax) for each ordinary share,
  • 0.0275 euros (gross of witholding tax) for each savings share;
  • to make the dividend payable starting on 23 June 2021, with a coupon date of 21 June 2021 (record date 22 June 2021);
  • to carry forward the residual profits.

Download the press release published at the end of the Shareholders’ Meeting


Dividends paid to ordinary shares and savings shares

The following table sets forth the dividends paid to both classes of shares with respect to each of the last

five financial years (the dividend history is available here [] or at the bottom of the page)

and the aggregate amounts paid in each year. The dividends paid are rounded down to the nearest whole


 Dividends ordinary sharesDividends savings shares
Financial year

Euro per


(Millions of



Euro per


(Millions of




(*) The amount is calculated with reference to the total number of ordinary shares which make up the share capital and includes the Company’s treasury shares.


Other information

The amount and conditions for the payment of dividends are proposed by the Board of Directors to the General Meeting, which is usually convened within 180 days from the end of the Financial Year (December 31).

The share capital of Telecom Italia is divided into two different category of shares:

  • ordinary shares, holders have the right to attend, intervene and vote during ordinary and extraordinary Shareholders’ Meetings. The holders of this category of shares also have the right to obtain a part of the net income allocated by the company, subsequent to its distribution to savings shareholders.
  • savings shares, holders do not have the right to vote in either ordinary nor in extraordinary Shareholders’ Meetings but benefit from the distribution of the net income for the year of up to five per cent of 0,55 euros per share. Savings shares are entitled to an overall higher dividend compared to ordinary shares for an amount which is equal to two per cent of 0.55 euros per share.


Information on dividends

For further information the following contacts are available:

toll free number 800020220 (only for calls from Italy)

telephone +39 011 2293603 (for calls from abroad)

email Investitori

email Corporate affairs