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ESG vision

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2021 Sustainability Report

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The socio-economic scenario of 2021, in continuity with 2020, was conditioned by the persistence of the economic crisis, the consequent reduction in consumption, the drastic reduction in mobility due to containment measures, the gap in the level of education exacerbated by the discontinuity of face-to-face teaching.

In this complex context, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, approved in July by the European Union, has the objective to guide and finance Italy's recovery. The PNRR is developed around three strategic issues that we consider key with regards to ESG: digitization and innovation, ecological transition and social inclusion.

The TIM Group participates in this important project to favor growth of the country by building state-of-the-art infrastructures to manage data and services in a safe, fast and environmentally sustainable way and by offering customers innovative solutions to foster a "smart" production system and sustainable lifestyles.

This vision is an integral part of our long-term strategy and is represented by the ESG targets of the Strategic  Plan.

The objectives achieved in 2021 are in line with the 21-23 Plan targets:

At the Group Level:

  • 53% are the Group renewable energy sources with respect to total energy consumption;
  • Reduction of 37% of the Group’s indirect emissions with respect to 2019;

At domestic level:

  • Domestic ecoefficiency reached 90% with respect to 2019, well above the target expected by 2025;
  • Improvement of 20 p.p. with respect to 2019 in the involvement level of our people, which exceeded our target expected by 2023;
  • Total of 4.9 million hours of training provided, to reinforce competencies of our workforce;
  • Allocation of Euro 60 million for investments in innovative and sustainable start-ups;

With the activities implemented, we have embarked on an important path of transformation of the Group from an environmental point of view. Data Centers powered by renewable energy, compensating CO2 emissions generated by websites, circular economy initiatives to extend the useful life of company furnisher and equipment, the expanded portfolio of services for business customers oriented towards sustainability are some examples of this transformation.

To reinforce our commitment to climate change, we have also formalized our proposals for reducing emissions to the Science Based Target Initiative, in order to achieve the 1.5°C temperature containment.

At the social level, we have consolidated our organizational model based on Agile Work and the optimization and sharing of working spaces, supported by the adoption of digital collaboration and communication tools.

Finally, in 2021 Noovle changed its legal form to become a Benefit Company, by integrating within its corporate purpose also specific objectives of common benefit for its stakeholders. The same path was recently started by Olivetti.

The adherence of the Group's objectives and initiatives to the best international ESG standards led us again this year to be present in the most prestigious and rigorous international sustainability indexes, such as the Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe Index. We have also been included in the new specialized index, the MIB ESG, the first blue-chip ESG index in Italy that combines the measurement of economic performance with ESG impacts, in line with the principles of the United Nations Global Compact that we adhered to in 2002.

Looking ahead, we believe that the restructuring of the Group also involves the elimination of the pay gap, and a rebalancing between men and women in roles of responsibility.

Finally, we aim to redesign our internal processes by adopting new sustainable behaviors. The goal is to be energy efficient, adopt green materials, recycle products and disused materials, structure our relationship with suppliers in a sustainable supply chain.

By applying this behavior to the entire TIM system, from the refurbishment of a store to the choice of suppliers, we will implement a transformation not only from an environmental point of view but also in terms of efficiency and risk control.


Pietro Labriola, Chief Executive Officer