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Share Capital

05/16/2022 - 09:30 AM

This page contains information on the Telecom Italia share capital.

SHARE CAPITALUpdated at the last date of registration
 at the Companies' Register, dating back to 16/05/2022
Nominal value of sharesWithout par value
 Shares (n.)Capital (euro)
Fully paid-up
Ordinary Shares15,329,466,4968,381,329,775.88
Savings Shares6,027,791,6993,295,673,079.22
Total fully paid-up21,357,258,19511,677,002,855.10
Further resolved increases 109,291,512.00
Fully diluted
Ordinary Shares 8,490,621,287.88
Savings Shares 3,295,673,079.22
Total fully diluted 11,786,294,367.10


Share Capital Evolution in 2023

Evolution of Telecom Italia share capital