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Our people

Technological and social innovation is the heart of TIM. Right at the heart of technology are the people it was conceived for and those working to create it.

The world of telecommunications is undergoing radical changes across the globe due to new digital technologies, new consumption models and the entrance of new competitors to the market.

With the aim of becoming ever more 'digital', at TIM have embarked on a deep transformation of business models, expertise and culture. We have a considerable workforce: today there are more than 40,000 of us in Italy and over 9,000 in Brazil, which is our main market presence abroad.

Contact with digital technologies is not only part of our business, it is also our method of working and training.

TIM Group people as at 31 December 2022

50,392 people


in Italy

of which 14,307 women and 26,430 men


in Brasil 

of which 4,751 women and 4,644 men