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Creating value

At TIM we believe that there is a profound positive relationship between inclusion and company performance.

And that companies that adopt an approach to make their work environments inclusive see better results. Furthermore, we found that the TIM people who feel most included, and those who have the greatest ability to include others, are also those who perform best.

This is why in 2009 we started on the path to being an increasingly inclusive company, taking care of our people and encouraging dialogue. We believe in everyone's responsibility and in everyone's contribution in achieving these goals.

Our commitment is constantly recognized: also in 2020 TIM was included in the Diversity & Inclusion Index compiled by Refinitiv and we entered the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index. In addition, we were placed in the Top 20 of the most inclusive brands during the Diversity Brand Awards. As part of the Women's Project, we launched the TIM Manifesto for the reduction of the gender gap together with self-assessment, role modeling and training campaigns to combat gender prejudice.

Our inclusion management programme includes volunteer projects, diversity enhancement activities and initiatives on work-life balance. The goal is to improve work quality and overall quality of life, enabling everyone to give their best. This was a very important issue especially on the occasion of the pandemic which saw the TIM group committed both for the community and for its people.

Some 2020 figures

about 36,000

colleagues in agile work for the pandemic

10 blood donation days

before the Covid-19 emergency, around 10,000 blood donations a year



49 solidarity stalls

hosted by charities at 15 company locations before the Covid-19 emergency


events during the 4 Weeks 4 Inclusion with 26 companies

Employee satisfaction

In 2018 we participated, together with La Sapienza University, in testing an analysis model on the themes of inclusion; the results clearly demonstrated that people who feel included and have better inclusion skills have the highest satisfaction and engagement levels. For TIM working on inclusion is crucial to corporate performance.

This evidence is also confirmed by the Engagement Survey from which emerge that inclusion is one of the main drivers for the activation of people's engagement.

The 2021 survey, which involved over 40,000 employees, has reported an important result in terms of both participation (83%) and Engagement (76%), a value that in the last three years has increased by 20 percentage points furthermore exceeding the current benchmark of companies in Italy (73%) and the international industry benchmark (75%). This result demonstrates the great connection that TIM’s people have developed with the company thanks to a multi-year Action Plan and a system of structured and continuous listening to TIM’s people.

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